BACKGROUND: Originally shoulder straps for Allgemeine-SS EM/NCO’s were introduced on May 26TH 1933 at the same time as the SA shoulder straps were introduced. These first pattern shoulder straps were also worn by SS-VT, SS-Verfügungstruppe, (SS-Special Purpose Troops), and, SS-TK, SS-Totenkopf units, (SS-Deaths Head units), which were to become the nucleus of the Waffen-SS. In July 1935 the first army style shoulder straps were introduced to distinguish the armed SS-VT and SS-TK personnel from the political Allgemeine-SS personnel. Army style shoulder boards for Officer’s were introduced in early 1938 and waffenfarbe colors were adopted in 1939. The transition to the army style shoulder straps/boards was pretty much complete in late 1938/early 1939 and these army style shoulder straps/boards would be worn by all Waffen-SS personnel.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Sew on shoulder board of bright silver/aluminum Russian braid, with white wool waffenfarbe on a black wool base. The shoulder board represents the rank of SS-Untersturmführer serving in a Infantry unit. Removed from a uniform.

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