S018174 ISSUE ERSATZ COFFEE PACKAGE. (Kaffee Behälter)

BACKGROUND: As with any nation’s military the Germans had garrisons and barracks to house and care for its troops when they were not in the field. Following the old adage that, "an army runs on its stomach", one of the major concerns and main benefits of military life was the guarantee of three "square" meals a day. When in garrison/barracks these meals were served in mess halls while in the field the daily food ration was most commonly prepared by a units mobile field kitchen and distributed to the front line troops although that wasn’t always possible in combat situations. A s a result, front line combat soldiers were to be supplied with assorted canned rations, bread and coffee to be carried individually in the event that food from the field kitchen couldn’t reach their positions. Regulations dictated the daily quantity of rations to be issued to each soldier in the field which included 1/2 cup of fine coffee grounds. As the war continued it became more and more difficult to meet the daily food requirements which resulted in assorted ersatz foodstuffs to be produced including coffee. Of Note: The SS-FHA, SS-Führungshauptamt, (SS-Operational Headquarters), and the SS-WVHA, SS-Wirtschafts und Verwaltungs Hauptamt, (SS-Economic and Administration Department) were the two organizations responsible for supplying and maintaining all personnel of the SS. The SS-FHA was responsible for issuing the initial equipment, supply and maintenance of weapons and ammunition, and the supply of technical equipment and transport vehicles. The SS-WVHA, was responsible for issue of clothing and personal equipment items as well as personal items, hygiene and health care products and all rations.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 12cm tall, 6cm wide, 6cm thick light weight, pink cardstock construction package with folded, glued, top and bottom seams and black printed script. The script to the package includes the trade name of the product, "Petscheker Verika", the contents, "1/4kg", (One Quarter Kilogram), basic usage instruction, the manufactures name and location, "Petscheker Kaffeemittelfabrik Petschek Ant. Kostelecky", and "SS Packung", (SS Packaging), with SS runes. The package is in overall excellent condition and it appears that all the original coffee is intact.

GRADE ****1/2                                                     PRICE $199.00 

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