S009390 PHOTOGRAPH POSTCARD. (Postkarte)

BACKGROUND: Artwork, as a propaganda tool, was widely used during the Third Reich and Hitler’s own humble artistic background also helped foster a general interest in German art. Many art exhibitions were held through-out German during the time period with the largest being held annually, ever summer from 1937 to 1944, at the German House of Art in Munich. As early as 1938 the OKW, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces), actively began recruiting artists who were assigned to a units Propaganda Company along with photographers and journalists. By the end of the war almost two hundred war artists had served in the Wehrmacht. The SS-FHA, SS-Führungshauptamt, (SS-Operational Headquarters), also realized the importance of propaganda and as early as 1938 they began to actively recruit voluntary artists, photographers and journalists who were assigned to a SS-War correspondent’s company. In 1940 the SS-War correspondent’s company was fielded to record the exploits of the Waffen-SS in the field. In 1941 the SS-War correspondent’s company was expanded to battalion strength. Further expansion increased the SS-War correspondent’s battalion to regimental strength in 1943. The artwork, photographs and reports from the war correspondent companies were utilized to maintain morale, assist in recruitment and record the exploits of the Waffen-SS in the field. Much of the war correspondents work appeared in the SS newspaper, Das Schwarz Korps, (The Black Corp). The artwork and photographs of the war correspondents were also used in recruitment posters and postcards.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Approximately 15cm x 10.5cm, black and white photograph postcard. Printed stamp with 1937 dated over stamp. Hand written note the the reverse. Shows the expected age yellowing but overall nice condition.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $15.00

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