S009188 M44 FIELD BLOUSE. (Feldbluse M44)

BACKGROUND: The M44 style field blouse was officially introduced in late September 1944 in an effort to save time and materials. Design was based on the short British battledress, and was a completely new pattern for the German armed forces.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Short, waist length, field-grey wool/rayon blend construction tunic with six button front closure and lay down collar. Tunic has two non-pleated breast patch pockets with scalloped button down flaps, and a 12cm tall horizontal waistband. The sleeve cuffs each have a vertical slash to the outside seams with dual fit adjustment buttons. Upper left sleeve has a machine embroidered, second pattern, (circa 1938), SS eagle in silver/grey threads on a cut-out black wool base which is machine stitched to sleeve in the typical zig-zag fashion (original application). Lay down collar with typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching to reverse. Grey rayon liner. Buttons are a combination of the matte grey, pebbled, magnetic sheet metal and alloy types and most appear to have original stitching. Tunic roughly size 38" chest. This example was originally and M43 and was converted to an M44 at some point. Well worn and used example.

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $3,695.00

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