S007186 ANTI-PARTISAN WAR BADGE IN BRONZE, 1944. (Bandenkampfabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: The Anti-partisan war badge was introduced by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler on January 30TH 1944, for award to personnel involved in combating anti-partisan elements behind the front lines. The award was issued in three grades of bronze, silver and gold with the criteria for bestowal being measured in days of active anti-partisan operations. For ground units the bronze grade was awarded for twenty days of anti-partisan combat, the silver grade for fifty days and the gold grade for one hundred days. Luftwaffe personnel were also eligible for award of the Anti-partisan badge with the criteria consisting of a predetermined number of operational sorties for bestowal of the appropriate grade. Originally the army was responsible for combating the partisans but in October 1942 the responsibility was passed to the Waffen-SS and SS-Obergruppenführer Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski was appointed as Chief of Anti-partisan warfare. Regulations of October 15TH 1944 extended award of the Anti-partisan war badge to Kriegsmarine personnel with eligibility being based on combat with partisan boats or artillery support. The first issue of the Anti-partisan badge were rendered by Himmler in February 1945. The Anti-partisan war badge came in two slightly modified patterns with minor variations in the design.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Die cast, alloy, scooped back badge is in the form of a large vertically oval oak-leaf wreath, encompassing a downward pointing broad sword with a superimposed sunwheel swastika representing Germany's might, with five interwoven serpents and a skull superimposed over crossed bones to the bottom center representing the partisans. The badge has nice high relief detailing. The badge has moderate file marks to the viewers left side of the sun wheel swastika, as is the norm with the original badges. Juncker type 2.2 example. Hinge, pin and catch are complete. Some pitting in a few spots, but not too bad. Rare badge.

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