S005680 POLIZEI NCO'S (Bergmütze) MOUNTAIN CAP. (Bergmütze)

BACKGROUND: The M43 field cap was originally introduced in the German army, for wear by all ranks, on June 11TH 1943 as a replacement cap for the other field caps then in use. On October 1ST 1943 the Police and the Waffen-SS also adopted the M43 field cap. The design of the M43 field cap was based on the earlier M42 Feldmütze, (Overseas cap), and the Mountain Troopers Bergmütze, (Mountain Cap), with minor variations. On its introduction a black version was also introduced for wear by Polizei crews serving in armored vehicles. Police NCO ranks M43 caps were un-piped while the Officer’s version were issued with silver/aluminum piping for the ranks of Polizei Meister to Polizei Oberst and gilt piping for the ranks of Polizei Generalmajor to Generaloberst der Polizei, inclusively. Of Note: The German Police had no enlisted ranks with the lowest rank being an Unterwachtmeister which was equivalent to the German army rank of Unteroffizier. Generally the early versions of the M43 cap came with a two button front retainer while the later versions reduced it to a single button.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Police green wool/rayon blend construction cap. Cap features fold down side and back panels with scalloped front with a single sheet metal button closure. Cloth covered visor, with internal stiffener with raised lip at top of forward edge. The front center of the cap has machine woven cockade and a Police eagle with out-stretched wings, clutching a canted swastika in it’s talons encompassed by a vertically oval, oak-leave wreath all in silver/white rayon threads on a cut-out, woven, black rayon base. Eagle is original machine stitching to the cap. Left side panel of cap has a 1939 pattern edelweiss with nine petals, two leaves, single stem and separate, gilt washed, stamen attached by two bent over prongs. Stamen retains all of its original gilt wash, while flower, leaves and stem only retain remnants of their silver wash and have mostly reverted to the matte grey base alloy. Edelweiss has four small holes in the flower and one in the stem for stitching it to the cap. Edelweiss is mounted on a dark green backing cloth, which is in turn sewn to the cap. Small hole in the wool on the fold of the cap just above the edelweiss. Interior fully lined in rayon. Superb Rbnr# and size markings (57). Cap is dated for 1943. Wonderful original example.

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