BACKGROUND: On August 22ND 1942 the German army introduced a new system of camouflage sleeve rank insignia for wear by all NCO’s and Officers on clothing that normally wouldn't display any rank insignia, such as, winter and camouflage uniforms, wind blouses, fatigue blouses, athletic suits, tropical shirts, etc.. The new camouflage sleeve rank insignia consisted of an assorted number of horizontal bars and oak-leave patterns with a green version for the ranks of Unteroffizier up to and including Oberst and a golden yellow version for the ranks of Generalmajor through to Generalfeldmarschall. Of Note: The top two ranks, Generaloberst and Generalfeldmarschall utilized ranks pips and crossed batons respectively instead of the horizontal stripes. Following the army's lead the Waffen-SS also adopted the camouflage sleeve rank insignia in February 1943 which was virtually identical to the army version with the addition of a new insignia for the rank of SS-Oberführer for which there was no equivalent rank in the army. The Waffen-SS camouflage sleeve rank insignia also utilized the green version for the ranks of SS-Unterscharführer up to and including SS-Oberführer and a golden yellow version for the ranks of SS-Brigadeführer through to SS-Oberstgruppenführer. Of Note: The top rank of Oberstgruppenführer utilized ranks pips instead of the horizontal stripes. The camouflage sleeve rank insignia was to be worn on the upper left sleeve of the appropriate uniform. This example indicates the Waffen-SS rank of SS-Obersturmführer or the army rank of Oberleutnant.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The insignia consists of a roughly, 40mm tall, 95mm wide, black wool base with dual, horizontal, machine embroidered, oak-leaves with two acorns, in bright green rayon threads, positioned above two, separate, horizontal, machine woven, horizontally ribbed, rank stripes also in bright green rayon threads. The oak-leaves and acorns were embroidered directly onto the black wool base while the separate rank stripes are machine stitched in place.

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