BACKGROUND: At the conclusion of WWI the victorious Allies laid the full cause and responsibility for the war on Germany, assigning them Alleinschuld, (Sole Guilt) and an Allied tribunal was established to determine what steps were to be taken to prevent Germany from any future military aggressive actions. One of the seldom looked at clauses of the Allies Treaty of Versailles limited all German policing forces to the pre-1914 level of 150,000 personnel as independent forces in separate states therefore negating a nationally controlled police force with the idea being that a large, national, police presence could be used to reinforce the armed forces. During the Weimar era, (Circa 1919-1933), the largest of the independent German police forces was the Preußen Schutzpolizei, (Prussian Protection Police), in the newly established Freistaat Preußen, (Free State/Republic of Prussia), within the Weimar Republic. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Prussian Schutzpolizei bergmutze pre 1936 consolidated uniform regulations. Blue wool construction with green piping. Marked "SCHUPO FRANKFURT a.m." and dated for 1939. Complete leather sweatband (thread pulling loose from one side). Roughly a size 56.

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