N046588 NSKK SLEEVE EAGLE. (Ärmelabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: The development of the NSKK, National Sozialistisches Kraftfahr Korps (National Socialist Motor Corps), can be traced back to 1923 when the SA introduced a Kraftfahr Abteilung (Motor Section) to transport personnel as required. In 1928 the SA Motor section was expanded to Kraftfahrstaffeln (Motor Squadrons). In an attempt to create a national motor corps, the NSAK, National Sozialistisches Automobil Korps (National Socialist Automobile Corps), was formed in April 1930 as a NSDAP auxiliary organization subordinate to the SA. In early 1931 Adolf Hühnlein was appointed as Chief of the NSAK and proposed a name change to NSKK, which was officially accepted in April 1931. Shortly after the purge of the SA in the "Night of the Long Knives," in June 1934, the NSKK was promoted to an official NSDAP organization, given independent status within the party, and absorbed the SA Motor Squadrons personnel.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The insignia is comprised of a machine woven, silver/aluminum flat-wire thread NSKK eagle and swastika beneath an arching banner reading "N.S.K.K.". Size 95mm x 50mm. Reverse is complete with its original RZM paper control tag (loose). This insignia was originally worn on the upper right sleeve until late 1938 or early 1939 when it was transferred to the upper left sleeve.

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