N042690 HJ LEADER'S LANYARD. (Führerschnüre)

BACKGROUND: In early 1933 HJ/DJ Leaders were issued a lanyard to be worn from the left shoulder strap to the left breast pocket button to indicate their rank and position. Originally the HJ/DJ Leader’s lanyards were in the color of the wearers district and were termed Landesfarben (District Colors). These two color lanyards were worn until the introduction of the Oberbann color system in September 1933. Each Oberbann was allotted a specific color to distinguish them from each other. In 1936 the Oberbann system was discontinued and the leaders lanyards underwent another change with specific colored lanyards denoting a specific ranks. Of Note: The female BDM and the JM also utilized slightly modified Leader’s lanyards. Also Of Note: There were a few exceptions to the standard form of wear from the left shoulder strap to the left breast pocket button such as in the Marine-HJ and a couple of general HJ ranks who wore the lanyard from the right shoulder strap to the right breast pocket button.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Twisted, alternating, green and white rayon cords with an extended button attachment loop to both ends. The lanyard is in overall very good condition with minimal age toning. Originally, (circa 1933), the alternating green and white coloration indicated service in the district of Saxony, but after 1936 it would indicate the ranks of HJ-Gefolgschaftsführer, Obergefolgschaftsführer and Hauptgefolgschaftsführer.

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