BACKGROUND: Physical fitness was of prime importance to the Hitler Youth leadership and Reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach went to great lengths to promote it including the introduction of the Leistungsabzeichen der HJ, (Proficiency Badge of the HJ). The HJ Proficiency badge was intended to be an incentive for HJ members to increase their proficiency in military oriented athletics, academics, field exercises, and shooting. The HJ also held an annual National Sports Competition with corresponding awards rendered to the best team or individual in a wide variety of sporting events. Smaller HJ units would also hold organized Geländesport, (Field Exercise), events to encourage the toughening up principal. These field exercise events were considered advanced training and consisted of assorted war game type of activities. In an attempt to maintain order during these events certain qualified individuals would be assigned as attendants who acted basically as umpires. On November 6TH 1936 a series of three sleeve stripes, (Field Exercise, Marksmen and Skiing Wardens), were introduced to identify the attendants at specific events. These sleeve stripes were worn on the lower left sleeve of the appropriate uniform. The sleeve stripes were not intended to extend around the full cuff of the HJ uniform, but were only worn as a "stripe", on the front of the sleeve. Of Note: A fourth sleeve stripe for sports Wardens was introduced on December 4TH 1936.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Black rayon sleeve stripe with machine woven Gothic script, "H. J. =Geländesportwart, (Field Exercise Warden), in golden yellow threads. The sleeve stripe also has a narrow, vertically woven, horizontal golden yellow stripe near both the top and bottom edges.

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