BACKGROUND: The BDM, Bund Deutscher Mädel, (League of German Girls), was the female counterpart of the male Hitler Jugend, (Hitler Youth), for girls aged 15-17, and was originally established in December 1928 as the Schwesternschaft der HJ, (Sisterhood of the HJ). In July 1930 the organization was re-designated Bund Deutscher Mädel and in April 1931 the JM, Jungmädelgruppe, (Young Girls Group), for girls aged 10-14, was established as the counterpart of the male Deutsche Jugend, (German Youth), On June 1ST 1932 the BDM/JM gained official status as an independent organization of the NSDAP. On January 1ST 1933 the HJ introduced a district sleeve triangle which identified the wearers unit location in the organizational control of the HJ, with the Obergebiet, (Higher Organizational Control), followed by the Gebiet, (Lower Organizational Control), until a restructuring in November 1936 replaced the Obergebiet level with the Obergau level. In April 1934 wear of the district sleeve triangles was extended to include BDM/JM personnel. The HJ district sleeve triangles featured golden yellow script while the BDM/JM district sleeve triangles utilized silver script.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Black rayon construction isosceles triangle with a machine woven Gothic script in two lines, "West Westfalen" in grey to its interior. Complete with original RZM tag. Nice.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $129.00

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