BACKGROUND: Uniform regulations for Nazi political leaders were addressed as early as 1920, with the standard headgear at that time being a Kepi-style cap. These regulations underwent numerous modifications, and in January of 1934 a visor cap, based on the army style, was introduced for wear. This 1934 visor cap was also modified until a final pattern was introduced in July of 1939. The NSDAP was structured in four ascending levels of government, consisting of the "Ortsgruppenleitung," the "Kreisleitung," the "Gauleitung," and the "Reichsleitung," with each group being distinguished by a specific color of piping on the collar tabs and visor cap.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 1939 pattern tan-colored, fine whipcord-weave, wool/rayon construction visor cap. The cap features a one-piece circular crown, piped in blue, a body with seams to each of its cardinal points, a one-piece, light brown velvet center band, also piped in blue along its upper and lower edges and whose vertical seam is to the reverse, and a chocolate brown vulcanfiber visor. The blue piping, as well as the center band color, is indicative of the political "Ortsgruppe" (Local-group) level. The interior crown wire and front vertical stiffeners are intact, giving the cap a nice "saddle form" shape with a high central peak. Fixed over the forward seam line of the body is a slightly convex, 1939 pattern, gilt-colored (now faded), stamped zinc eagle which clutches a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons. Beneath it, affixed to the front and following the contours of the center band, is a 1939 pattern, gold anodized, stamped alloy oak-leaf wreath, encompassing a three-piece cockade. The wreath is comprised of eight oak leaves, each pebbled to resemble embroidery, four to either side of a simulated binding "cord" with four raised "beads" arranged vertically to its center. Alloy wreaths were worn by those holding the rank of "Hauptgemeinschaftsleiter" (roughly equivalent to a Second Lieutenant) and below. Between the center band and the visor is a gold celleon chin chord, attached over each ear by gilt washed, pebbled metal buttons. The cord and button color establish the wearer as having been an "Ortsgruppenleiter" (as lower levels had silver chin cords and buttons). The chocolate brown vulcanfibre visor has a protective lacquered finish to its upper surface. To the interior of the cap is a wide brown leather sweatband and a lighter gold-colored rayon lining. Nice oilcloth RZM tag, Roughly a size 55. Nice untouched cap.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $1,995.00

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