N034490 NSDAP "Reich Chancellery" TAPESTRY.

A 127cm x 158cm, single sided, woven needle point, tapestry with a 12cm long bullion fringe has a 58cm diameter features a red base field with a central, 58cm diameter, white circular disc to center with black swastika surrounded by gold bullion oak leaves. The central design is boarded in a double square border that measures approximately 112cm x 124cm. To the top is a 8.5cm wide tunnel loop that allows for suspension. The reverse has multiple sections of red cotton sewn together. Water stains can be seen to the reverse, as well, the front shows usage, tearing, wear and stains. Included with the tapestry, are typewritten photocopies from "Dick W. (Duffy) Klaer, who began his career with the 29th Infantry Regiment. "Near the end of the war, I was teaching at the Infantry Officer's School at Fountainbleau, France. From there I took the last class of graduates to Potsdam where we were responsible for setting up the Potsdam Conference. It was at the Conference where I met two Russian officers who took me to Berlin before the Americans were allowed - so you see I got first crack at a lot of Nazi memorabilia." The documents also follow a question and answer format, that includes the question "IMPORTANT" How many of the Taperstry’s did you bring back home with you.".... Answer: "There were several Tapestry’s still hanging but many were damaged. I had a couple more." He also speaks of the location of where he obtained the tapestry: "As for the tapestries -- they were hanging in the war planning room of the Chancellery. There were six of them - two each on the side walls and one each (smaller ones) on the end walls. The room was about 14' by 28', there was a very large, long table and about 20 chairs in the room all of which were broken all to hell by the bombings or busted up by the Russian soldiers." 

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