N033472 REICHSKOLONIALBUND MEMBERSHIP CARD. (Mitgliedskarte) A tri-fold cardstock membership card belonging to Rudolf Frankenstein from Dresden in 1938. A small black and white photograph is affixed to the interior. He joined the RBK after the first parliamentary session in Bremen in 1938 which had discussed the options of obtaining and re-structuring Germany’s old African colonies with a particular presence in Middle Africa and westwards towards the Atlantic. The natural resources from this continent drew interest from all quarters, including some which reached out for volunteers to draft and frame ideas in this regard. His career, after the RBK closed in 1943 lead him to become part of the GGC (German Geo-political Center) when formed in Madrid Spain. It was an clandestine think tank that planned contingencies if the war was to be lost. They went about creating the "Fourth Reich", which would be raged though economic aggression. His story continues as he goes to Buenos Aires in 1944 never to be heard from again by his family. All details are included with the card.

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