BACKGROUND: At the conclusion of WWI millions of disillusioned and impoverished soldiers formed numerous paramilitary political, "Freikorps", (Free Corps), groups for a wide variety of reasons. Many of these groups were right-wing pro-National Socialist in nature, and battles and skirmish broke out through-out Germany in ideological turmoil, primarily against the communist. As a result of the Treaty of Versailles, Upper Silesia, a south eastern region of Germany bordering on Poland and Czechoslovakia had been ceded to Poland which succeeded in causing numerous uprisings by Polish separatist in the area. The Silesian Eagle award was originally founded on June 16TH 1919 by Generalleutnant von Friedeburg, for award to Freikorps members who had participated in the defence of Upper Silesia from Polish separatist. On May 16TH 1933 the NSDAP accepted the Silesian Eagle as an officially recognized award and granted authority for the award to be manufacture and worn by qualified personnel. The award was rendered in two classes with the 2ND class award for three months service while the 1ST class was awarded for six months service.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 13mm x 15mm, three piece, die struck alloy construction 1ST class award, with a 50mm rifled pin is in the form of a stylized eagle with down swept wings with a separate, brass, horizontal crescent moon with vertical Christian cross superimposed on its breast and an additional separate, brass banner superimposed on its talons and tail feathers. The bottom banner is embossed, "Für Schlesien" or "For Silesia".

GRADE ****                             PRICE $125.00

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