N025590 RADwj FOUR YEAR LONG SERVICE MEDAL. (Dienstauszeichnungen für den RADwj)

BACKGROUND: The basis of the RAD, "Reichs Arbeitsdienst" (National Labor-service), dates back, at least, to 1929 with the formation of the AAD, "Anhalt Arbeitsdienst" (Anhalt Labor-service), and the FAD-B, "Freiwillingen Arbeitsdienst-Bayern" (Volunteer Labor-service [of]-Bavaria). Shortly after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor, on January 30th, 1933, the NSDAP consolidated these, and other labor organizations, into the NSAD, "Nationalsozialist Arbeitsdienst" (National-socialist Labor-service), a national labor service. In June of 1935 the NSAD was re-designated RAD. In July of the same year RAD service became compulsory, with all German citizens between 19 and 25 years of age required to enlist for a six month term. This law also decreed that all military conscripts serve a nine month term. In January of 1938 RAD long service awards were introduced, in four classes - the first for twenty-five years service, the second for eighteen years, the third for twelve and the fourth class medal for fours years service. Those awarded to members of the RADwJ, "Reichs Arbeitsdienst der weiblichen Jugend" (National Labor-service [for] the female Youth) had a design different from the male versions to their obverses.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A die struck alloy award with a bronze wash, in the form of a 40mm tall vertical oval, with a loop to its top, through which passes the suspension ring for its cornflower blue ribbon. The raised edges of the oval, obverse and reverse, are in imitation of an oak leaf wreath. Against the plain background field of the obverse is embossed the mobile swastika to it, and sprigs of barley extending from either side of its base. Against the plain field of the reverse is the embossed, Gothic script, "Für treue Dienste im Reichs-Arbeits-dienst" (For loyal Service in-the National-labor-service). Complete with its original ribbed rayon ribbon.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $249.00

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