N008389 HJ CLOTH PROFICIENCY BADGE IN IRON. (Leistungsabzeichen der HJ)

BACKGROUND: The Leistungsabzeichen der HJ, (Proficiency Badge of the HJ), was instituted as the first Hitler Youth award by Reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach on May 1ST 1934 as an incentive for HJ members to increase their proficiency in military oriented athletics, academics, field exercises, and shooting. The badge was established in three grades of Silver, Bronze and Iron, with the age of the recipient being the determining factor of which grade the individual was eligible for. Seventeen year old's were eligible for the Silver badge, sixteen year old's for the Bronze badge and fifteen year old's for the Iron badge. Each HJ member was issued a Leistungsbuch, (Qualification book), to record their achievements and verify their right to wear the badge when awarded. Originally the badges were worn on the left breast pocket of the HJ service uniform but later regulations altered wear to the right breast pocket. A full sized cloth version of the award was utilized on the HJ sport shirt.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Full size cloth version for use on the sport shirt. Roughly 95mm tall, 70mm wide, white rayon diamond shaped base with a machine woven black outer border line encompassing a the form of a vertical, Tyr-rune (upward pointing arrow) with superimposed dual circular lines with Gothic script, "Für Leistungen Im HJ", (For Proficiency in the HJ).

GRADE ****                             PRICE $149.00

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