BACKGROUND: The Deutscher Sportbund was result of the total collapse of the Third Reich along with everything "Nazi." Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, physical activity assisted him in his aims of a fit and superior Aryan race. This, along with post war anti-fascist attitudes, sports were officially disbanded. The revival of sports was difficult as well due to the dissolution of Third Reich institutions, former Nazi party members were disqualified from public and semi-public office and the requirement of a special license from the military command. No member of the former Nationalist Socialist organization was allowed to participate in a sports meeting. During the allied occupation, Germany was broken into four zones - one for each allied country (America, France, Britain and Russia); each with their own opinions and prejudices on the formation of sport clubs and organizations. Eventually, as early as September 1945 there was some relaxation of restrictions. The organization of sport went through varying trials and tribulations, one being able to find the number of experienced administrators to oversee the clubs and association affairs. This was in part due to Directive 24, that excluded all Nazi Party members from public and semi-public office which included sports organizations. The Directive was soon superseded by Directive 38 which established five categories of levels of guilt of which persons who fell into category number five (those persons cleared) were allowed to be active in the executive of a sports club or organization. Over time, sports began to play a large part in schools, their physical activity programs and life in general. This also lead to the standardization of coaching, training and structure of physical education in Germany. Throughout Western Germany "leisure sports" were introduced into schools while "competitive sports" were designed to promote a specific talent. Schools were believed to have a leading role in the search for this talent. In 2006 The DOSB (Deutscher Olympic Sportbund) was formed from the amalgamation of the DSB and NOK.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Die struck, tombac, award in the form of an embossed, vertically oval, oak-leaf wreath with bow to bottom, encompassing the interwoven, stylized, cutout letters "DSB", for Deutscher Sportbund. Reverse has embossed manufacturers mark, "Steinhauer & Luck, Lundensheid" and "Ges Gesch Deutscher Sportbund" (Legally protected by Deutscher Sportbund.) Complete soldered solid hinge, flat vertical retaining pin and standard soldered catch assembly all intact.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $39.00

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