N001387 CASED NSFK AWARD MEDALLION & DOCUMENT. (Preismedaillon mit Kasten und Urkunde)

BACKGROUND: Originally instituted in January of 1932, the NSFK, "Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps" (National-socialist Flying-corps), was soon absorbed into the DLV, "Deutscher Luftsport Verband" (German Air-sports Association). In April of 1937 the NSFK was re-established, and, at the same time, the DLV was disbanded. The NSFK was mainly a voluntary organization, with a small cadre of paid personnel, whose mandate was to train its members in the flying of powered aircraft, gliders, and balloons. The NSFK Deutschlandflug was an annual national competition that was established in 1933 and awards were issued in gold, silver and bronze for 1ST, 2ND and 3RD place respectively.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Attractive, die-struck alloy, non-portable award medallion with a bronze wash. Medallion in the form of a 95mm x 77mm, horizontal oval with embossed winged man in flight, (Icarus), with swastika superimposed on his legs and a semi-circular banner to top with recessed script, "NSFK", to smooth central field. The Icarus is encompassed by a raised border outline with finely textured background and embossed Gothic script, "Nationalsozialistiches Fliegerkorps Deutschlandflug 1938", (National Socialist Flying Corps German Flight 1938). Reverse has embossed Latin block script, "Mit unserem Führer im gleichen schritt und tritt fliegen wir für unser ewiges Deutschland", (In equal pace and stride with our Führer we fly for our eternal Germany). Reverse also has embossed facsimile signature of the NSFK leader, Friedrich Christiansen, and deeply stamped serial number, "596". Medallion is housed its issue case with black simulated grained leather covering. Reverse of case with two magnetic staggered internal bar hinges and obverse with magnetic push button closure clip. Interior base of case with purple velvet lining with oval depression to secure the medallion and a white rayon pull tab for easy removal of the medallion. Interior top of case with white satin lining mounted on a cardboard base with golden printed script, "Nationalsozialistiches Fliegerkorps Der Korpsführer". Reverse of top lining also has a white rayon pull tab to access behind the cardboard base where the award certificate is housed. Nice!

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