N001186 SA "FELDHERRNHALLE" CUFFTITLE. (Feldherrnhalle Ärmelstreiffen)

BACKGROUND: The Feldherrnhalle, (Hall of Generals/Heroes), in Munich was the site of the unsuccessful 1923 Beer Hall Putsch in which the NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), attempted to seize governmental power and in which sixteen NSDAP members were killed by the police. After the NSDAP gained power in January 1933 the Feldherrnhalle became a national shrine for the sixteen "assassinated martyrs" of the party. Shortly after the purge of the SA, Sturm Abteilung, (Storm/Assault Detachment), in June 1934 the newly appointed SA-Stabchef, (Chief-of-Staff), Viktor Lutz established the SA-Wachtstandarte, (SA Guard Regiment), to guard the NSDAP’s offices and allotted it the honor title Feldherrnhalle. Sometime in the mid to late 1930's personnel serving with SA-Wachtstandarte Feldherrnhalle were allotted an honorary "Feldherrnhalle" cufftitle. On August 9TH 1942 the 271ST Infantry Regiment, a component of the 93RD Infantry Division, which consisted largely of SA volunteers were also authorized wear of the same "Feldherrnhalle" cufftitle as the SA-Wachtstandarte. On July 1ST 1943 distinctive new shoulder board/strap cyphers were introduced for wear by both the SA-Wachtstandarte and the army’s Feldhernhalle units. In 1943 the 271ST Infantry Regiment Feldhernhalle was detached from the 93RD Infantry Division to form the nucleus of the newly forming 60TH Panzer Grenadier Division Feldherrnhalle and divisional personnel were also allotted the honor cufftitle and shoulder board/strap cyphers. Further expansion and additional units including the PanzerKorps Feldherrnhalle consisting of the Panzer Divisions Feldherrnhalle 1 and 2 were also allotted wear of the honor cufftitle and shoulder board/strap cyphers.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 30mm tall, 48cm long, machine woven, tan rayon construction cufftitle with a repeating, interwoven, waffle pattern and machine, "BeVo", woven, Sütterlin style script "Feldherrnhalle" in silvery/grey celleon threads. The cufftitle is bordered at both the top and bottom edges in six strand, horizontally woven, silvery/grey celleon threads. The reverse of the cufftitle has loosely woven, vertical, silvery/grey celleon threads around the script and the script is in a tan rayon mirror image ob the obverse. Original paper RZM tag is still attached.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $1,190.00

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