R00353 ".303-in. BREN LIGHT MACHINE GUN" BOOKLET. A 8 1/4" x 10 3/4", softcover, 48 page book lavishly illustrated with black and photographs and technical drawings, and sub-titled "Parts Identification & Lists, Bren L.M.G. Series Notes, Exploded Parts Drawings, Descriptions, Accessories & Fittings." The book opens with the light machine gunís genealogy, then details the differences between its models and component assemblies. The main body of the work is its "User Guide," which lists, along with their service part numbers, materials and remarks, and with direct reference to the accompanying drawings, each part of each variant down to its nuts and bolts. The latter section of the book features an excellent explanation of its operating mechanism, a step-by-step guide to stripping and assembling the weapon, and an outline of its accessories and fittings. The last two pages show manufacturer and inspectorís markings, and known serial numbers from the different manufacturers. Light yellowing and usage soiling is evident throughout. By Ian Skennerton, as part five of his "Small Arms Identification Series," and published by the author in 1994.

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