Rhodesian UDI Period (1965-1980) Bush War Grouping for BSAP Reserve. The BSAP [British South Africa Police] were despite the name the Rhodesian national police force. The BSAP Reserve consisted of virtually all able-bodied males not in the Rhodesian Army during the UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) period from 1965 to 1980, when Rhodesia declared itself independent of Great Britain in order to avoid the mandate for majority (Black) rule. Rhodesian President Ian Smith, a former RAF fighter pilot during World War 2 was the leader of the country of independent Rhodesia throughout its 15 year life. The BSAP were the national police force and normally the first responders to contact with terrorist elements fighting against white minority rule (ZANU and ZAPU, funded by the communist Chinese and the Soviet Union, respectively) This grouping consists of the matched pair of the man's epaulette slip-ons in olive khaki cotton with the printed words "BSAP Reserve," his matched pair of shoulder "rocker" tabs worn on the upper left and right uniform sleeve, with the words Police Reserve embroidered in white on royal blue cotton, a matched pair of the man's collar devices in the material known as Staybrite featuring the letter "R," each with two loops on the reverse for affixing to the collars with cotter pins, a single uniform button with the BSAP crest, and his two pocket manuals (to be carried at all times in the breast pockets whenever on duty) Handbook of Information for the BSAP Field Reserve and Handbook of Information for the BSAP Special Reserve. A rare complete set to one man.

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