BACKGROUND: Cap badges were usually made of white metal, brass, copper or bi-metal. Most commonly brass and white metal were used. With the shortage of ferrous metal towards the end of 1940, an alternative material was needed for the manufacture of cap badges. Rolled brass and bakelite were among the materials tested but it was cellulose acetate that was finally selected, as it was a modern plastic that could be used with injection molding equipment. The first cellulose acetate badges were produced in December of 1941and were limited to the corp. level, with the regimental level badges going into production in June of 1942. Since the average soldier preferred the metal badges over the plastic and they were produced for a short period of time, plastic cap badges can be fairly rare. The Parachute Regiment originally wore the Army Air Corp badge, until May of 1943 when a new badge was approved for the Regiment.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A injection molded, white metal alloy badge showing a parachute to the center of a pair of outstretched wings surmounted by a crowned lion on top a King’s crown. To the reverse is a tang. The badge shows usage and wear, but remains a good example. 1950's vintage with slider as opposed to lugs that where used in WW2.

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