BACKGROUND: The Battle of Arnhem was fought from September 17-26, 1944 in and around the Dutch towns of Arnhem, Ossterbeek, Wolfheze and the Driel. The Allies dropped their paratroopers in the Netherlands as part of the launch of "Operation Market Garden" on the 17th of September. Their objective was to secure key bridges and towns along the Allied axis of advance. Farthest North, the British 1st Airborne Division, supported by the Polish 1st Independent Brigade landed in Arnhem to secure the bridges that crossed the Lower Rhine. The British Forces landed some distance off the objective target which forced them to quickly face unexpected resistance; especially from the 9th and 10th German Panzer Divisions. Only a small force was able to reach the Arnhem Road bridge while the main body was held up at the outskirts of the city. After four days, the small British force at the bridge was overwhelmed and the rest of the division became trapped north of the river where they could not receive reinforcements by the Polish. After nine days of fighting, the shattered remains were withdrawn in Operation Berlin. The 1st Airborne Division lost 3/4 of itsí strength and did not see combat again.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 6cm diameter coin of brass alloy featuring to the front the device for the 1st Airborne Division with "Battle of Arnhem September 1944" to the perimeter along with crests of the Polish and British Divisions at intersecting points. The reverse is inscribed and shows open parachutes falling from the sky. The two crests are for the 1st Airborne Division and the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade. A very nice clean example.

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