BACKGROUND: The Glengarry’s origins may be traced to Alasdair MacDonell (1771-1828) of Glengarry, Scotland, and was adopted by the British Infantry in 1868, and the Canadian militia in the 1870s. It was worn on dress occasions, by traditionally Scottish Infantry Regiments, during both world wars. The Black Watch was founded January 31 1862 as the 5th Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles in response to the growing American military might during the American Civil War. Six Montreal Scottish chieftains responded to governments call to raise militia regiments by each raising an infantry company for the 5th Battalion. Eventually a total of eight companies were raised. It has the distinction of being the first Canadian unit to be allied with their Parent regiment in Scotland. Of note: All members of the Regiment wore the Red Hackle in their bonnets during its early days but the Canadian units of the Black Watch did not wear the Red Hackle during the First World War because of its legend as a battle honor. So impressed was the commander of the Imperial Black Watch of the gallantry of the Black Watch in the Battle of Vimy Ridge an order was given to allow the Canadian regiment to wear the red hackle in the bonnet in place of the cap badge. There are only two regiments in the Commonwealth that wear a battle honor in place of the cap badge, that being the Canadian Black Watch and the Imperial Black Watch. The cap badge was only worn on the Glengarry.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This black woven wool "wedge" cap has a khaki wool Touri (pom-pom) to its crown, black rayon edging along its base, with the rayon ribbons broken, but are included. Its lack of a diced band along its sides is typical of a regiment affiliated to the Black Watch of Canada. Over the left front of the Glengarry is fixed a brass, stamped, cap badge, that consists of the St. Andrew with Cross within an oval that is inscribed "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" (No one shall touch me with impunity). Surrounding the oval is a wreath of thistles, while above the oval is a crown and a scroll with the inscription "The Royal Highlanders" and below are two inscribed scrolls, "Black" "Watch." This is all overlaid on a diamond cut star of the Order of the Thistle. The interior is lined, but is unmarked. There is wear to the lining as the cotter pin from the cap badge is visible. The cap shows usage and wear which is nice in an item such as this.

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