BACKGROUND: At the end of WW1 it was decided that all allied nations issue a Victory Medal to commemorate the victory in what was termed "The Great War for Civilization". The ribbon was to consist of a double rainbow, with red joining in the center to represent courage, and all medals would have a common obverse in the figure of Victory. The Victory Medal was optional and out of a possible sixteen countries, fourteen issued medals. The countries were Great Britain, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czechoslovakia (Serbia), France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Thailand (Siam), Union of South Africa and United States of America.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The circular bronze medal is about 35mm in diameter, with a laterally pierced suspension cylinder and ring. The front of the medal has the winged figure of Victory with her right hand holding a palm branch and her left hand a laurel wreath. Embossed to the bottom right of the medal is "A. Morlon.". The reverse has a Phrygian bonnet between the letters "R" and "F" (République Française) above the text "La Grande Guerre Pour La Civilization 1914-1918" and to the very bottom "BR". The original ribbon, is suspended through the ring, which is a double rainbow, with red meeting at the center and a thin white bar to each edge. Suspension bar is intact.

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