BACKGROUND: The Kingdom of Sardinia (Piedmont-Sardinia) was the name given when Sardinia was awarded to the House of Savoy to compensate Duke Victor Amadeus II for the loss of the crown of Sicily to Austria, which made him a King. In 1860 Nice and Savoy were ceded to France as price paid for the French consensus to unify Italy. 1861 saw the Kingdom of Sardinia become a founding state of the new Kingdom of Italy and ceased to exist after this date. This flag was used for both Kingdoms 1848 through to 1946. The „ Unione Militare " was founded in Rome as a consumer and credit cooperative society in 1889. It was under the supervision of the Minister of War, since 1926. This cooperative society had two main purposes: providing and selling military clothing and equipment, as well as Ordinary consumer goods, at low costs. It performed these functions through a headquarters in Rome and various Branches and Agencies present in other cities in Italy and its colonies. Officers in all the Armed Forces as well as military academies were officially enrolled in the cooperative society. The Society was closed in 1989.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A tricolor panel linen flag that measures approximately 113 cm x 192 cm. The Savoy arms are printed on the white panel on both sides. Original metal rings sewn on both left corner, one with the original paper tag of the „ Unione Militare " fully intact to the left. „UNIONE MILITARE " is very often found on uniforms, visor hats and so on. It was a government shop in all Italy and colonies for Armed Forces personnel, where it was possible buying any sort of uniform, complete or parts, and swords, daggers and accoutrements.

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