BACKGROUND: This briefcase, formerly the property of Whitney Harris, who was part of the American legal team at the Nuremberg War Trials. In addition to presenting the case against Ernst Kaltenbrunner, he worked closely with Chief Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson, including the cross examination of Hermann Goering. Harris was deputized to represent Jackson at the executions of the major German war criminals in 1946. Mr. Harris went on to write "Tyranny on Trial: The Evidence at Nuremberg". Harris received the Legion of Merit for his services.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 5cm x 28cm x43cm brown leather brief case with clasp, handle and straps that bears the initials "W.H." in gilt lettering to the flap. Under the flap is a taped on "Internal Security Detachment" for Whitney Harris authorization to enter the "Nürnberg Criminals Wing, Nürnberg Prison." Mr. Harris’s signature is visible to the bottom left of the card. Inside is a file folder that has written to the outside "Incomplete: Exhibit #227, Nuernberg International Military Tribunal, Filed Jan 15, 1946." Inside are various typewritten pages in the German language. The paper has become very fragile and dry. Also included is a black and white photograph of Wilhelm Keitel that bears an ink stamp to the reverse. The photograph was taken by Capt. Herod from 3264 Sig. Photo Sv. Co. It is dated for November 24, 1945.                

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