BACKGROUND: The Reichsluftwaffe, (National Air-Force), was officially established on February 26TH 1935 as the third branch of service of the Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces). On March 9TH 1935 the formation of the new Reichsluftwaffe was announced to the foreign press and on March 16TH conscription was reintroduced for all three branches of service. On May 21ST 1935 the Reichsluftwaffe designation was altered to Luftwaffe, (Air-Force). On April 14TH 1935 collar tabs were adopted by the newly formed Luftwaffe which followed the basic pattern of the collar tabs that had been utilized by the DLV, Deutscher Luftsportsverband, (German Air Sports Association), the Luftwaffe’s clandestine civilian forerunner. The collar tabs were worn in matching pairs and indicated the branch of service and rank of the wearer. The different branches of service within the Luftwaffe were allocated specific, identifying, waffenfarbe, (Branch of Service Color), with bright red being chosen for personnel serving with the Flugzeugabwehrartillerie, (Anti-Aircraft Artillery), units which was generally displayed as the base color of the collar tabs. The body of military Reservist, which had been abolished by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, was re-established by the Wehrgesetz, (Military Service/Defence Law), of May 21ST 1935 which established basic regulations concerning military call-up and discharge, service classifications and numerous other military service requirements and obligations. Personnel on Reserve status were distinguished by the addition of a mid-blue nebenfarbe, (Secondary Color), which was displayed as piping on the collar tabs and as an underlay on the shoulder boards. Regulations of September 7TH 1939 abolished the secondary colors on the insignia for Reserve personnel that were called up for active service and they were to wear the uniform and insignia of the unit assigned to. Of Note: Further production of collar tabs was discontinued by regulations of October 12TH 1944, although on hand stocks were to be issued and collar tabs already issued continued to be worn.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Bright yellow wool construction rhomboid collar tab with a single, hand embroidered, rank "gull" positioned above an oak-leaf, half-wreath in bright, silver/aluminum wire threads. The collar tab has a narrow, secondary, light blue wool outer edge strip indicating Reserve status and are piped in fine, twisted, bright, silver/aluminum, cord. The collar tab is mounted on tan buckram backing.

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