L014685 GOBLET OF HONOR FOR EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT IN THE AIR WAR 1940-1945. (Ehrenpokal für Besondere Leistung im Luft krieg)

BACKGROUND: Re-introducing a WWI tradition, on February 27TH 1940, Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Göring instituted the Honor Goblet for Exceptional Achievement in the Air War. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the incentive for the reintroduction of the tradition was sparked by the National Association of German Aviation, who, on Göring’s forty-seventh birthday in January 1940, presented him with two models of the Honor Goblet, and a pledge of 50,000 Reichsmarks for the production of such. The Goblets were to be awarded to pilots and aircrew, "In acknowledgement of outstanding bravery and special successes", and the criteria dictated that the recipients had already been awarded the Iron Cross 1ST class. Therefore, basically, the Honor Goblet bridged the gap between the Iron Cross 1ST class and the German Cross in Gold or the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. Originally the Honor Goblets were manufactured in .835 grade silver, until late 1941 or early 1942 when the construction material was replaced by "Feinsilber Alpaka", (Fine Silver, Plated German Silver). The renown firm of Johann Wagner & Sohn of Berlin were the sole manufacturer of the Honor Goblets. Of Note: The Honor Goblet was not considered an official sanctioned award but was classed as an non-portable decoration and was issued with a possession certificate. It is estimated that roughly 58,000 goblets were bestowed but only around 14,000 were ever actually presented. From mid-1943 it has been reported that the recipients only received the Award Document and not the actual Goblet. With the introduction of the Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp on August 5TH 1944 recipients of the Honor Goblet were automatically eligible to receive the Clasp. Regulations of December 1944 discontinued further bestowal of the Honor Goblets and eligible recipients were awarded the Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp in its place.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Second pattern, (Circa 1941/1942-1944), die struck, three piece, silver plated, nickel/silver construction goblet consists of the cup, a stem and a base. The top cup section has a rounded down, bottom taper which attaches to a stem which in turn attaches to the base. All three components are silver soldered together. The cup features a slightly outwardly flared, top lip and an all over "hammered" surface with two embossed eagles engaged in aerial combat to the obverse and a 1939 Iron Cross to the reverse. Both the eagles and the Iron Cross were struck from the interior of the cup giving them a high relief view to the exterior and a mirror image to the interior. The stem has a plain, horizontal, ring to the top edge, an ornate, high relief, embossed, repeating, horizontal, oak-leaf pattern to the center and a plain, horizontal, ring with the engraved particulars of the recipient to the bottom. The engraved particulars include the recipient’s rank, name and date of award, " Unteroffizier Hans Jaekel 25.11.42". The base features high relief, embossed script, "Für Besondere Leistung im Luft krieg", (For Exceptional Achievement in the Air War.). The open ended base and stem reveals the cups bottom which is well marked with deeply stamped script which includes, "Feinsilber Alpaka Auflage", (Fine Silver, Plated German Silver Edition), and manufacturer’s name, "Joh. Wagner & Sohn". Very nice untouched example. Also included is Unteroffizier Hans Jaekel, Bordschuetze in einem Kampgescwaeder Bordschütze. The case that is included with it is a copy, only included to keep the goblet safe. Nice! 

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $5,000.00

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