L014390 GEFREITER'S RANK CHEVRON. (Dienstgradabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: The Luftwaffe introduced a series of three rank chevrons on March 4TH 1938 for wear by the enlisted ranks of Gefreiter, Obergefreiter, Hauptgefreiter with one chevron indicating the rank of Gefreiter, two chevrons for the rank of Obergefreiter, and three chevrons for the rank of Hauptgefreiter. These chevrons were worn on the upper left sleeve of the Service Dress tunic, the Uniform tunic, the Flight blouse and the Greatcoat. Originally the tress utilized on the chevrons was in bright silver/aluminum wire threads until regulations of September 1ST 1942 discontinued production of the highly visible tress and introduced a less visible subdued blue/grey rayon tress. Further regulations dictated that the bright tress be replaced by the subdued tress by October 1ST 1942 although the change over was never fully achieved. Of Note: With the introduction of the rank of Stabsgefreiter on February 4TH 1944, the rank chevron for Hauptgefreiters was altered to two chevrons and the addition of a single rank pip, and the earlier triple chevron insignia was allotted to the rank of Stabsgefreiter.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The Gefreiterís rank insignia consists of a single, machine woven, well worn silver/aluminum, waffle patterned, chevron mounted on a Luftwaffe blue/grey wool, inverted triangular base.

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