BACKGROUND: The first HBT, (Herring Bone Twill), garments introduced for use by Luftwaffe EM/NCO personnel were the blue/grey drill and black work uniforms introduced in April 1936 and July 1937 respectively in order to conserve wear and tear on the wool and wool blend uniforms. Although the drill and work uniforms were designed for different functions both garments were almost identical in cut and construction. The HBT garments were favored by the troops and began to be worn in the field as a summer uniform. Generally the HBT garments utilized as the summer combat blouse followed the basic modifications of the standard issue wool garments. Regulations of September 27TH 1943 abolished the blue/grey and black HBT uniforms replacing them with a reed green HBT uniform as utilized by army personnel. The alteration to the reed green HBT uniforms was a time and cost saving measure eliminating the need for different colored uniforms for Luftwaffe and Army personnel. When utilized as a drill or work tunic the garments were issued with no insignia with only EM/NCO sleeve rank and collar trim insignia applied to denote the wearers rank. The drill uniforms were utilized for the duration of the war with minor modifications.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A tunic and trousers constructed of HBT that features a vertical, five button front closure with small fold back lapels, a single metal hook and eye at the neckline and a lay down collar. The front closure has the buttons on the right panel with corresponding hidden button holes on the left panel. The tunic has two lower hip pockets. NCO tress sewn to the collar and sleeve ends. The chest measures approximately 34". Included, are a pair of matching, straight legged trousers. Trousers look to be a size 34". Shows the expected period use, wear some sewing repairs but overall nice condition.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $795.00

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