BACKGROUND: The evolution of the Hermann Göring Panzer Division can be traced back to at least January 12TH 1934 when the Landes Polizei Gruppe Wecke z.b.V, (State Police Group Wecke for Special Purposes), was renamed Landes Polizei Gruppe General Göring. On September 23RD 1935 the Landes Polizei Gruppe General Göring was transferred from control of the Police to control of the Luftwaffe and was renamed, Regiment General Göring. On March 1ST 1942 the Regiment General Göring was expanded to become the Reinforced Regiment (mot.) Hermann Göring. The Reinforced Regiment (mot.) Hermann Göring was upgrade to Brigade status on July 21ST 1942 and to Divisional status on October 17TH of that year. The Hermann Göring Division was virtually completely destroyed in North Africa in May 1943 and the survivors were reformed into the Hermann Göring Panzer Division on July 15TH 1943. As a Panzer division, personnel were issued with the black panzer wrap uniforms. Of Note: The Hermann Göring Panzer Division was redesignated, Hermann Göring Fallschirm-Panzer Division on January 6TH 1944 and was used as a cadre for the formation of the Hermann Göring Fallschirm-Panzer Korps in September 1944.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Black, wool/rayon, blend construction cap, features fold down side and back panels with a scalloped front with a single, closure button positioned at the front center. The back and side panels were designed to be folded down to protect the wearers ears and neck and the scalloped front section could be secured with the button closed under the wearer’s chin. The front center of the cap has a machine embroidered, second pattern, (circa 1936/1937-1945), Luftwaffe eagle in silvery/grey threads on a cut-out blue/grey wool base positioned above a separate machine embroidered, padded, national tri-color cockade in black, red and white threads. Insignia looks to be original application to the cap. The cap has an extended, cloth covered, forward visor with an internal stiffener with a subtly raised lip to the top of the forward edge and a single row of reinforcement stitching to the bottom of the forward edge. The interior of the cap is fully lined in grey rayon twill. The lining is well marked with a faint black size inkstamp "59". 

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $

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