L002588 RLB MEMBERS DOOR ID PLAQUE. (RLB Mitglied Schmuckplatte)

BACKGROUND: Formed in late 1932 the Deutscher Luftschutzverband (German Air Protection League), was a voluntary organization designed to provide civil air raid protection in large civilian centers. Shortly after Adolf Hitler’s ascension to power on January 30TH 1933, the Deutscher Luftschutzverband was restructured and placed under the supervision of the RLM, Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium, (National Ministry of Aviation), under the control of Hermann Göring. On April 29TH 1933 the Deutscher Luftschutzverband was renamed RLB, Reichs Luftschutz Bund, (Air Raid Protection League), and was given status as an official, national, organization tasked with all aspects of civil air raid defence training. The RLB remained a voluntary organization with a small cadre of full-time, paid, uniformed, officials, designated as, Amtsträgeren, (Office Holders), to oversee the organizations functions. A national law, enacted on June 26TH 1935, stated that all German citizens were legally bound to assist in civil air raid defence which basically made RLB service a legal obligation. After the civil defence law was passed in June 1935 membership in the RLB expanded at an amazing rate with over fifteen million registered RLB members by the outbreak of the war on September 1ST 1939 and roughly twenty-two million registered members by April 1943. Of the large amount of members only the full-time, cadre personnel were deemed as Amtsträgeren, (Office Holders), which were paid, full-time, uniformed personnel. The main function of the RLB Amtsträger’s was the training and instruction of civilian RLB personnel in all aspects of civil air raid defence/protection. With the aid of legally sanctioned, auxiliary policing powers the RLB’s mandate included training civilian personnel in a wide variety of basic air defence and protection measures. The RLB’s air defence and protection measures included basic household security instructions such as clearing attics of all inflammable materials, preparing basements as potential shelters, appointing civilians as air and fire spotters, providing basic fire fighting instructions, ensuring air raid, black-out regulations were properly observed and other assorted measures. As a civilian member of the RLB personnel were required to provide their own equipment items, excluding helmets and gasmasks, which were provided, at a reduced cost and also make regular monetary contributions to support the RLB. As a training organization the RLB worked in close cooperation with other assorted air raid defence/protection organizations which included the LSW, Luftschutzwarndienst, (Air Raid Warning Service), which was responsible for observation and analysis of all aircraft in German skies, and the eventual sounding of air raid warning alarms to alert the general public and the assorted civil air defense organizations of air raids. The SHD, Sicherheits und Hilfs Dienst, (Security and Assistance Service), with its primary functions being decontamination, fire fighting, rescue and repair and assisting civilian personnel and securing buildings following an air raid. The TeNo, Technischen Nothilfe, (Technical Emergency Corps), tasked with maintaining and repair of all essential public services, electricity, water, gas, public transportation and postal services. All these services also worked in close cooperation with the standard Polizei, (Police), the Feuerschutzpolizei, (Fire Protection Police), and both the Freiwillingen Feuerwehren, (Volunteer Fire Brigades), and the Pflichtfeuerwehren, (Compulsory Fire Brigades).

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 14cm x 17cm stamped metal RLB door plaque. Plaques would be attached to RLB members homes for quick identification in the event their assistance was needed. Reads "Reichsluftscutzbund Ortsgruppe Konigsberg". Large first pattern RLB emblem to center of each, sunburst star with stylized "RLB" and swastika. Plaque retains most of its original enamel.

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