K013585 CASED SEXTANT. (Sextant mit Kasten)

BACKGROUND: The sextant was originally developed in the mid-1700's as a navigational aid for sailors by utilizing the tool and a celestial body to gauge their positioning. Although other navigational aids and techniques had been developed by WWII the sextant was still an essential navigation tool as part of a ships basic navigation aids.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A C. Platch trommel and sextant that has a scale adjustment of 0-130 with a pair of mirros, four coloured sun glasses, three horizon glasses (one is missing the brass tab), telescope, brush, mirror adjustment tool and a soft chamois cloth. The sextant is impressed with a Kriegsmarine eagle over "M", 5558, and "C. Plath Hamburg". The 32cm x 31.5cm x 17cm wooden hinged box with latches and carrying handle has to the inside lid a medallion with "C.Plath Hamburg" as well as a document identifying ownership as well as "Complies with the regulations of the Kriegsmarine" and "The instrument must be designated as being free of defects for use". Written to the document is "Trommel & Sextant Nr. 22227" as well as a date of "26.2.43". An office stamp from the Instrument Testing department is to the bottom (Deutsche Seevarte Hamburg Gruppe Nr. II). The label also identifies the box with "Deutsche Seewarte" (aka Reichsinstitut Deutsche Seewarte ) was the central institute for the promotion of maritime meteorology in Germany from 1875 to 1945 . The head office of the facility was in Hamburg . The Deutsche Seewarte was first operated by the German states and then by the German Reich (wiki). The sextant measures approximately 17cm x 25cm. 

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