K011577 7 X 50 POWER BINOCULARS WITH BUTTONING FLAP. (Doppelfernrohr mit Anknöpflasche)

Light weight, cast alloy construction binocular bodies with aluminum and bakelite fittings. Binocular bodies painted in a rough textured black paint with spots worn smooth from usage. Aluminum fittings have a smooth black paint with spots worn down to the copper toned protective lacquer and base aluminum. Both black bakelite eye sockets intact and focus adjustments still function. Optics are slightly smoky but are in overall good condition. Left hand side ocular end well marked with impressed makers name, "Carl Zeiss Jena". Right hand side ocular end also well marked with impressed script, "Dienstglas", (Service glasses), designation, "7x50", (7 power magnification with a 50mm diameter objective lens), serial number, "2177959", and "M" signifying metric screws. Buttoning flap of smooth blackened leather to secure the binoculars to the tunic when personnel were on the move. Triangular shaped flap, with two extended "arms" with button holes to ends. Arms fold back creating a loop and attach to two alloy studs on flap body. Flap body has a central slash to attach to a tunic button. Leather is fairly dry but fully intact.

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $418.00

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