K005588 COASTAL ARTILLERY EM/NCO'S OVERSEAS CAP. (Feldmütze für Mannschaften)

BACKGROUND: German Naval uniforms and headgear were based on traditional designs that date back to the creation of the Prussian Navy in 1848, and although uniforms and headgear did evolve during the interim years, many items used during the Third Reich, (Circa 1933-1945), period would still have been quite recognizable to the Imperial sailor. Land based Navy personnel, primarily Küstenartillerie, (Coastal Artillery), members, were originally issued field-grey uniforms and headgear during the Weimar era, Reichsmarine, (National Navy, Circa 1919-1933), as per regulations as early as August 1919 with further regulations addressed in 1921 and the field-grey items continued to be issued on into the Third Reich, (Circa 1933-1945), period. The Navy’s field-grey uniforms and headgear followed the fundamental designs of the army patterns with minor variations. On September 19TH 1935 the Kriegsmarine, (War Navy), officially introduced the field-grey overseas cap for wear by all Coastal Artillery EM/NCO’s, with the design being based on the traditional, "Schiffchenform", (Boat Form), style caps with side panels intended to be folded down and protect the wearer’s ears, as required. Although it appears that the fold down panels were rarely used, most commonly the front center of the fold down panels were stitched in the up-right position to prevent the panels from covering the wearer’s eyes. Regulations of March 29TH 1939 introduced an additional, field-grey, overseas cap for wear by Officers and senior NCO’s that was almost identical to the EM/NCO’s version with minor variations. Further regulations of July 12TH 1940 introduced gilt piping, for Officers holding the ranks of Leutnant zur See up to and including Grossadmiral ranks, silver piping for Kriegsmarine Administrative Officials holding equivalent Officers ranks/positions, to be applied around the forward edge of the fold down panels of the overseas caps to distinguish them from EM/NCO’s ranks. The insignia utilized on the field-grey overseas caps consisted of the black, white and red national tri-color cockade and a slightly modified version of the NSDAP’s, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), national eagle. Originally the overseas caps, were outfitted with a golden yellow soutache until regulations of October 13TH 1942 abolished the use of the soutache and instructed it to be removed from the caps, although the directive was not strictly adhered to. Of Note: The Heer, (Army), M34 pattern overseas cap for EM/NCO’s and the Heer M38 pattern overseas cap for Officers were also issued to Coastal Artillery personnel on a limited basis. Officers and certain senior NCO ranks were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and headgear and as a result were allotted a clothing allowance through the OKK, Offizier Kleiderkasse der Kriegsmarine, (Officer’s Clothing Account of the Navy). Although enlisted personnel were issued their uniforms and headgear from government supplies they were also permitted to purchase privately tailored items although the price may have been restrictive. Generally speaking officers bought nice quality, private purchase, uniform items but they could also choose to buy their uniforms directly from the military clothing depots.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kriegsmarine cut, field-grey wool/rayon blend construction, overseas cap features fold down side and back panels with gently sloping, downward scallops to the front and forward sides. The front center of the cap has a machine woven national eagle with out-stretched wings, clutching a wreathed, canted swastika in it’s talons, in golden yellow rayon threads, mounted on a cut-out, woven field-grey rayon base. The front center of the fold down panels has a machine woven, national tri-color cockade, in black white and red rayon threads on a woven, feldgrau, rayon, diamond shaped, base. Eagle is loosely  (sloppy, but it may be original) hand stitched to the cap while the cockade is machine stitched. Soutache was removed as per regulations. The interior of the cap is fully lined in light weight, grey cotton/rayon. Faint maker mark and size marked 58. Nice worn and used example showing the expected age and wear.

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