BACKGROUND: As with any nationís military the Germans had garrisons and barracks to house and care for its troops when they were not in the field. Following the old adage that, "an army runs on its stomach", one of the major concerns and main benefits of military life was the guarantee of three "square" meals a day. When in garrison/barracks these meals were served in mess halls that had to be outfitted with enough cutlery and stoneware to serve the number of personnel stationed there. The Kriegsmarine, (War Navy), also had the added responsibility of outfitting the galleys on all sea going vessels such as Submarines, Battleships, Destroyers etc.. The procurement and distribution of provisions/rations was the responsibility of the Marineverpflegungsamt, (Navy Provisions Office), and regulations authorized each sailor a daily food ration. Although regulations dictated the daily quantity of rations issued to each sailor it became more and more difficult to meet the requirements as the war continued and any food became a valuable commodity.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A two piece fire glazed, white, porcelain construction butter dish. The lid measures12cm in diameter x 4.5cm wide rim. The lid fits nicely over the 4cm tall raised wall "container" that sits on a 19.5cm diameter "plate". The bottom is nicely marked with a Kriegsmarine Eagle over M, along with "KMP" and the year "1941". There are no chips but there is a crack to the porcelain to the bottom.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $298.00

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