K003789 SAILOR'S "DONALD DUCK" CAP. (Mannschaftsmütze)

BACKGROUND: German Naval uniforms and headgear were based on traditional designs that date back to the creation of the Prussian Navy in 1848, and although uniforms and headgear did evolve during the interim years many items used during the Third Reich would still have been quite recognizable to the Imperial sailor. One of the traditional headgear items utilized during the Third Reich was the "Donald Duck" sailor’s cap intended for wear by all Junior NCO’s and enlisted personnel. The design of the cap underwent numerous minor modifications during the intervening years, including a cap with removable, interchangeable white and blue covers in April 1926. In December 1931 a final pattern was introduced that remained in use until the end of WWII with the only alterations being to the insignia and cap tallies worn. Regulations of October 29TH 1936 replaced the previously used gilt wire thread for the script on the cap tallies with golden yellow celleon threads as a result of the earlier cap tallies oxidizing to a greenish verdigris tone. On November 1ST 1938 the "Kriegsmarine" titled cap talley was introduced for wear as a security measure in the case of mobilization, and the wear of named cap tallies was restricted to barracks and on ships only if there was no possibility of them being seen by outside personnel. Additional regulations of September 5TH 1939 withdrew all named cap tallies from further wear, to be replaced with the "Kriegsmarine" cap talley, for the duration of the war.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Private purchase, deep navy blue doeskin wool construction "Donald Duck" style sailor’s cap features a non-removable, one piece, circular crown and two piece side panels with machine stitched vertical seams to each side. Double ventilation grommets under each side. The front center of the cap has a separate, fire gilted, stamped alloy, national eagle with out-stretched wings and a three piece national tri-color cockade. Insignia is sewn to the cap. The cap has a black rayon cap talley with machine woven Gothic script, "Kriegsmarine", in gilt wire threads. The cap talley is secured to the cap by dual vertical and diagonally angled threads at the reverse center. The cap talley has long, extended, "tails" with diagonally cut ends creating the "swallow tail" effect. The interior of the cap is fully lined with blue brushed rayon. Celluloid shield is missing. Hard to read makers logo. The interior of the cap also has a nice complete leather sweatband. The cap is roughly size 54. One area of mothing under the right side panel, but other than that quite clean.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $895.00

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