BACKGROUND: The Order of the Golden Kite ("Kinshi Kunsho"), established in February of 1890, was a purely military award for bravery or leadership. General officers were eligible for its first to third grades, field officers its second to fourth, junior officers its third to fifth, non-commissioned officers its fourth to sixth, and soldiers its fifth to seventh grades. The Order was abolished in 1947.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This seventh class silver award is in the form of crossed Samurai shields, with crossed, sheathed swords laid over them, banners with heraldic devices along either side of them, and, to the center, a vertical, sheathed halberd, surmounted by a spread winged, gilded falcon. The falcon is the "kite" from which the award takes its name, and relates to a story about the first Japanese emperor, who, after having been defeated by a rival prince, was sent a divine messenger in the form of a golden falcon, who advised his successful counter-attack, and who perched atop his standard during the battle. Its reverse is featureless. A perforated ball is to the top of the falcon’s head, through which passes the ribbon’s suspension ring. Nice complete ribbon with original attachment clip. The medal and ribbon are nested into corresponding depressions to the hinged, purple velvet interior base of its original presentation case, whose interior lid is lined in padded velvet. The exterior of the black lacquered wooden case has a column of gold painted kanji characters to its cover, presently fade to grey and partially obscured, the second down being that for the number "7." A hinged alloy closure device and corresponding stud is to its forward edge, and a wide alloy hinge is along its rear edge.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $390.00

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