G053266 MAUSER C96 PISTOL HOLSTER. (Pistolentaschen) 

BACKGROUND: At the establishment of the German Republic, under the Versailles Treaty in 1919, Germany was allowed to equip its' Police and its' newly reorganized 100,000-man Wehrmacht (armed forces). Under the new German Republic (Weimar Republic) - until about 1920 - very few new arms were produced; however, large quantities of existing arms were overhauled, and in some cases modified. The Mauser 9 mm Parabellum Military pistol with a Red "9" cut into the wood pistol grip was extensively used in this project. These pistols will normally be stamped "1920" to show that they were authorized. Mauser pistols found with this 1920 date are usually assembled from WWI parts. Usually the barrel was cut to four (4) inches or slightly less, and the adjustable rear site replaced with a stationary type.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Brown leather holster with top fold-over flap is sewn along its reverse to the back of the holster body, and has steel stud to its forward edge. Mating with this stud is a 10cm tall, vertical strap with a stud hole. Single, open-topped magazine pocket sewn to the front of the holster body. Straps and pocket for the cleaning tool are still present. Original belt loops are complete. Reverse is marked "P.L. 23". Shows the expected period use and wear but overall nice condition. This one I think is 1920's.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $2,475.00

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