G02853 PHOTOGRAPH POSTCARD. (Postkarte) A 5 3/8" x 3 1/8" printed postcard, whose obverse features a black and white portrait photograph of twelve Cuirassiers, arranged in a row before a guardhouse, wearing their white peacetime uniforms. They each wear what appears to be Prussian helmet plates on their distinctive metal helmets, white belts and cross straps, and high, blackened leather boots with spurs. All sport swords, the leftmost figure presenting arms with a carbine, and the man next to him holding a tasseled bugle in his right hand. Although none of the men appear to be officers, three of them have rank chevrons on the right sleeves of their uniforms. What appears to be "Hauptwache Senne 1911" (Main-guard Senne 1911) is handwritten beneath the row. The consigner reports that the men belonged to the "Kürassier-Regiment von Driesen (Westfälisches) Nr.4 (Münster)." To the reverse is a handwritten note with a 1911 date. Much of the reverse is obscured by tears to the paper, undoubtably resulting from its having been glued in an album and then removed, and "Truppen übungs platz" (Troops training place) has been handwritten over the blemishes at a later date. Glue remnants, age yellowing, and light soiling is evident, and there are pin-holes to each upper corner of the obverse.

GRADE ***1/2                             PRICE $26.00

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