BACKGROUND: The Ulanen (Lancers) Tschapka with its distinctive square top first appeared in 1808 when Preußen introduced Ulanen (Lancer) Regiments to emulate the Polish lancers as did many nations; especially after the Polish Lancer's performance at Waterloo in 1815. The M1843 Tschapka was a tall helmet with a squared top which was secured with gilt chinscales. The neck of the upper flat portion on the Tschapka (called a "mortar board" by English collectors) was permanently covered with a colored cloth Paraderabatte (parade rabatte). The Paraderabatten colors were specific to each Regiment but were trimmed in white for Mannschaften (Other Ranks) and silver bullion for officers. The Fangschnur (securing cord) were attached to the top of the Tschapka with a toggle for Mannschaften and a hook for officer and private purchase.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Model 1867/94 Preußen Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Tschapka with brass tombac fittings. Nice original and correct pattern Wappen (Septer is missing). Complete with original and correct rounded chinscales. The buckle and tip of the leather strap behind the chinscales are now missing. Nice complete original liner. Somebody has glued the tip ends of the liner to the inside top of the helmet. Roughly a size 55. Besides the missing part on the wappen and the glue to the liner, its really a great looking Tschapka and displays quite nice. Lots of good period wear and age.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $

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