G006660 PHOTOGRAPH. (Photographie)

BACKGROUND: Basic human instinct dictates that soldiers in the field, regardless of nationality, long for their loved ones at home. As a result it was very common for these soldiers to purchase, or appropriate, "sweetheart" items and send them home. Although there was almost an unlimited selection of "sweetheart" items one of the most popular items were the photograph postcards which were relatively inexpensive, easily mailed and distinctly personal. As today, there were also numerous other reasons to pose for a photograph, new appointments, promotions, weddings anniversaries etc., etc.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Studio portrait of an officer in tropical uniform. Size approximately 6.5cm x 10.5cm.

New info added April 15th 2009

"Hi Peter,

Always good to see updates on your site.

Would it be worth mentioning that this is an Officer of the East Asian Expeditionary Corps in their Summer uniform. 

The photo would most likely have been taken in the Summer of 1900, before setting sail for China.

All the best,

Chris Dale"

Chris, thank you. Peter

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