Pre WW1 German M1896 Colonial Police Pith Helmet for German East Africa for the rank of Wachtmeister. (Kaiserliche Kolonial Tropenhelm fuer Polizei Wachtmeister) Classic M1896 pattern 6-panel German pith helmet with removable 3-hole ventilation dome (the vents are on three sides). Medium-green cotton liner in excellent condition, with black leather sweatband in excellent condition for its age, with the typical round cork spacers between the liner and the sweatband to allow air circulation into the dome above the head. Leather is still supple. Colonial officials of all European countries dressed in white, for the heat, but also to maintain the "empire of opinion," the visual perception that by being immaculately clean and dressed all in perfect white they were superior to the locals. German equipment was frequently white-washed. This Police Tropenhelm has been period-whitewashed to maintain a pristine white appearance on duty and on parade, just like the one in the Schiers' reference book Tropenhelme, page 43: At the outbreak of WW!I, the German colonial police in East Africa (Deutsche Ostafrika) were disbanded, and all personnel (European officers and native patrolmen) were absorbed into the Schutztruppe and fought as infantry under the legendary General Lettow-Vorbeck until late November 1918. They were the last German units to surrender anywhere in the world. Very rare piece of German colonial headgear in superb, museum-quality condition.

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