G002990 KAISERLISCHE MARINE "Seebataillone" OFFICER'S SABER. (Marinesäbel)

BACKGROUND: The Sword/Saber is an age old military tradition, that evolved from a functional weapon into an item of uniform dress ornamentation by the start of WWI. This strong tradition continues in many armies and navies to this day as a symbol of strength and power. The Kriegsmarine Officer’s saber can trace its origins back to 1848 with the establishment of the Imperial Prussian Navy composed of a fleet from the un-unified, German states. This fledgling navy was abolished in 1852 as result of disagreements amongst the independent states, but the sabre pattern was retained by the Königliche Marine, (Royal Prussian Navy). Dress regulations for Officers and senior NCO’s prescribed wear of side arms as a component of particular forms of dress. Officer and certain senior NCO ranks were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms, including side arms, and as a result were allotted a clothing allowance through the Navy’s Offizierkleiderkasse, (Officer’s Clothing Account), system. Although enlisted personnel were issued their side arms from government supplies they were also permitted to purchase privately manufactured side arms although the price may have been restrictive. When worn the saber was accompanied by a portepee and specific hangers. Originally designed as a functional item to secure the blade sidearm to the holders wrist the portepee evolved into a purely decorative accessory and was to be worn with all Kriegsmarine Officers saber.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The saber has die cast, gilt plated, brass, hilt fittings consisting of an obverse, clam shell cross guard, a reverse, a ferrule, a "D", knuckle bow, a back-strap and a nicely detailed, pronounced lion’s head pommel. Cross guard features a high relief, embossed, vertical fouled anchor and Imperial Crown. Reverse guard is folding for the scabbard . The lion’s head pommel has a nicely detailed mane and pronounced snout with inset red, (Port), and green, (Starboard), glass eyes. Sword has double engraved Damascus blade. Dedication is to the "Marineinfantrie Tsingtau 1908-1912". Original grip wire is still present. Comes with a restored/re-finished metal scabbard. This typically came with leather scabbards with brass fittings. I'm not 100% sure that this would have been the original one for this sword, however it may have been. Beautiful double engraved Damascus blade!

GRADE ****                             PRICE $3,995.00 

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