G002490 M1915 STICK GRENADE (Inert/Deactivated).

BACKGROUND: Although both models of the Kugelhandgranaten were very reliable they were difficult to use in combat as their weight (1 kg) restricted the throw to typically no more than 15 meters. To increase range and the amount of blast, the Germans introduced the M1915 Stielhandgranate (stick grenade). It is a massive grenade with a large head that contained 270 gm Ammonium Nitrate (high explosive) which is a considerable amount of high explosive; if one was thrown into a trench it was unsurvivable. That amount of high explosive will lift a car five meters into the air. With a stick the range was doubled as a stick grenade can easily be thrown 30+ meters. They are quite difficult to find as they should have all been used up after the M1917 Stielhandgranate was introduced.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: On this example you can clearly make out the detonator instructions on the bottom of the can in thick white paint: "VOR GEBRAUCH SPRENGKAPSEL EINSETZEN". Later models also had a label on the side, this one never did, so its early. The top of the can might have been dipped in paraffin to water proof it (I think?) as you can see on the top 1/3 of the can. On the side it is pressed into the handle that it is a 5 1/2 second fuse. The igniter was a string poking out the bottom which was taped to the side of the handle and dipped in paraffin to waterproof it. Pulling the string sharply ignited a traction fuse with 5 1/2 or 7 seconds delay. If you squint hard enough you can just see where the tape was around the narrow part of the bottom of the handle. Not very practical as snagging that string on whatever could ignite it. This led to the covered screw cap and ball system. That is the M1916 Stielhandgranate which looks like this grenade, but with a screw cap like a M1917 Stielhandgranate.

Please note, due to Postal Regulations. De-activated firearms and Inert Ordnance may not be shipped outside of Canada.

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