G002190 M1915 DISC GRENADE (Inert/Deactivated).

BACKGROUND: Trench warfare reinforced the requirement for grenades that would explode on impact, leaving no opportunity for enemy soldiers to quickly grab it and throw it back. The Germans developed a rather complicated but fascinating little impact grenade with an ingenious ignition system called the M1915 Discushandgranate (Disc hand grenade) which was nicknamed "The Turtle Grenades" by the Allies. Offensive M1915 Discushandgranaten as in this example, relied on blast and were made from two thin steel plate shells which were crimped together. The defensive Diskushandgranate was made of two cast iron shells which were ridged on the inside for fragmentation. The ignition system for both models was the same. The safety pin held back a sleeve in the central internal tube that covered a small striker star fixed to the center. The detonator was inserted into this same central tube from the bottom. Attached to the center tube were four hollow tubes containing loose small brass rods which had percussion caps inset facing inwards. To use the grenade, when the safety pin was removed the cap came off as well. Throwing it with a spinning motion allowed the centrifugal force of the spin to push back the percussion caps and flung the brass sleeve out of the top which exposed the central striker star. Upon impact with the surface, one of the four internal percussion caps would strike against the exposed central striker star, which ignited the detonator which in turn set off two bags of high explosive on either side of the internal components.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: M1915 Discushandgranaten.This example actually comes apart so when the sleeve is removed, there is the little striker star. Rotate the Granate in any direction and a brass percussion cap slides down and hits the star. The hole you can see the star through is where the blast from the detonator would have touched one of the two bags of high explosive on either side of the internal components.

Please note, due to Postal Regulations. De-activated firearms and Inert Ordnance may not be shipped outside of Canada.

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