A 2 1/16" x 4 7/8", padded shoulder board, faced with a gilt-embroidered zig-zag pattern, and whose red wool underside extends to form visible piping along its edges. Variations in the color red were used to distinguish between different infantry regiments. Affixed to the obverse are three, six-pointed stars, embroidered in what appears to be silver wire, to each of whose centers are glass inserts. These most likely indicate the rank of a "General der Infanterie" (roughly equivalent to a Lieutenant-General), although a "Generalleutnant" (roughly equivalent to a Major-General) in the modern Austrian army wears similar insignia. If these are considered rosettes instead of stars (the latter is usually encountered with more elongated points), then it may indicate that the wearer belonged to the military administrative staff. Near the base of the obverse is affixed a crowned "K" with an angular shape behind it, all in silver-colored alloy. Near the squared "point" of the obverse is a perforation where a button had evidently passed through. To the reverse may be seen a 5/8" wide metal tab, which has a perforation to its end aligning with the buttonhole, and whose other end extends through a slash in the backing, and no doubt slid unto a similar slash in the shoulder of the tunic. The wool to the underside is typically age and usage soiled, moderately nap worn, and has several noticeable moth nips to it. The obverse is typically soiled and has dulled with age, and there are a few picks to its embroidery.

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